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Protecting our Farm Businesses

CFO worked with industry stakeholders, members of the enforcement community, and the Ontario Government to address the increasing risk of animal activism related trespassing on-farm. Trespassing for any reason, including animal activism, is illegal and puts the safety and well-being of our businesses, our families, and our animals at risk.

Strengthening legal protection from trespassers will better safeguard Ontario’s food supply and support the welfare and safety of the animals in our care. Healthy, safe farms are important for the people who live and work there, as well as for animals and consumers. Ontario chicken farmers follow high standards of animal care. Those standards of care include biosecurity protocols designed to protect animals from disease. Anyone entering barns or farms, handling animals or moving between barns without following proper biosecurity protocols puts the health of animals, the safety of food and the livelihood of farmers at risk.

Farmers work closely with veterinarians, nutrition specialists, regulators and other experts to monitor and maintain the health and safety of their animals and property. CFO will continue to work with other agriculture stakeholders, police and government to support the rights of farmers to protect their property from illegal activities.

CFO Applauds Stronger Trespassing Protection

In December, the Honourable Ernie Hardeman, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs introduced the Security From Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 2019. This legislation is an important measure that if passed, will better protect Ontario livestock farmers from the threat of activist trespassers and the risk that trespassing poses to the safety and well-being of farming families, businesses, and livestock animals.

The proposed legislation includes the creation of animal protection zones, which would enhance protection for barns, animal enclosures, transport, and processing facilities – providing protection across the industry value chain.

CFO applauds Minister Hardeman and the Ontario Government for taking action to address this risk. We appreciate the extensive consultation undertaken by Minister Hardeman, Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), and the Ontario Government to find a path forward that is agreeable for all parties.

Headshot of Derek Detzler

Derek Detzler

District 1

Derek Detzler, DCR for District 1, manages his family’s chicken farm in the Walkerton area, while simultaneously maintaining a position as Executive Director of Trillium Hatchery and providing global technical service to a poultry nutrition company. Derek has been an advocate for responsible antibiotic use. As a DCR, Derek’s passion for chicken farming makes him an excellent lead and support for his fellow chicken farmers in District 1.

The Importance of responsible use of antibiotics
Headshot of Marius Hol

Marius Hol

District 2

Marius Hol and his family first entered the chicken industry through the CFO New Entrant Chicken Farmer Program in 2014. As a passionate chicken farmer in the Goderich area, Marius was interested in sharing his knowledge, meeting with chicken farmers across the province, advocating for supply management, and being a voice for his fellow farmers in District 2, ultimately becoming a DCR in 2019.

New Entrant Chicken Farmer Program
Headshot of Carolyn Cornelissen

Carolyn Cornelissen

District 3

Carolyn Cornelissen is not only an active chicken farmer, running Cornelissen Farms Inc. and Twin Creeks Greenhouse with her family in Lambton County, she’s also very active in her role as District 3 DCR, in the CFO Women in Leadership Initiative and in the CFO Cares: Farmers to Food Banks program. Carolyn enjoys investing her time and knowledge to help continue to build a strong industry for future generations, whether that be supporting and encouraging other female chicken farmers to grow their involvement in the industry, giving back to those in need in her community, or being an advocate for fellow District 3 farmer-members. You can read more about Carolyn’s accomplishments in the October 2019 article on The Poultry Site: “Women in Poultry: Carolyn Cornelissen.”

Growing CFO’s Women in Leadership Initiative
Headshot of Darren Kray

Darren Kray

District 4

Farming alongside his wife and three children, Darren Kraay is heavily involved both in the chicken industry and in his community. Not only a District Committee Representative for District 4, Darren is also involved in the CFO Cares: Farmers to Food Banks Working Group. In Darren’s words, he has found that the best way to learn about the industry and represent the chicken farmers in his district is to be hands-on, meeting regularly with farmer-members, fellow DCRs, and CFO Board Directors.

CFO Cares Farmers to Food Banks (video)
Headshot of Pete Koroneos

Pete Koroneos

District 5

As a multi-generational chicken farmer, poultry farming is in Pete Koroneos’ blood. When on-farm, Pete enjoys raising chickens and growing crops with the help of his family. When off-farm, Pete can be found offering his vast poultry industry experience and knowledge in both his role as District Committee Representative for District 5 farmer-members and as a valued member of the DCR Communications Working Group. Pete is also an Appointed Member of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeals Tribunal, and regularly volunteers in multiple community-oriented organizations in the Niagara Region. As part of his agricultural-related positions, Pete often meets with the farmer-members in his community in order to better advocate for their agricultural requirements.

Stakeholder Communications
Headshot of John Opsteen

John Opsteen

District 6

Having grown up on a family chicken farm, John Opsteen is a life-long poultry farmer who now runs his own farming operation in District 6. When he’s not busy on the farm, John can be found attending to the needs of the agricultural community and working on behalf of the farmer-members in his District. John is also a member of the DCR Communications Working Group, through which he provides invaluable input in helping ensure farmer-members receive communications tailored to their needs.

We're Social
Headshot of Alfred Rumph

Alfred Rumph

District 7

As both a long-time chicken farmer and a long-time District Committee Representative, Alfred Rumph is very active in both the industry and his community and strives to find ways to continue to improve poultry agriculture across Ontario. Alfred is passionate about giving back to those in need, and participates in the CFO Cares: Farmers to Food Banks program as both a donor and a member of the CFO Cares Working Group.

Working Towards a Hunger Free Ontario
Headshot of Wendy Lantz

Wendy Lantz

District 8

Wendy is a proven leader in both her poultry business and her local farming community in her role as DCR for District 8. As one of four female DCRs, Wendy has a strong focus on encouraging more women to become active within the farming community — a role she accomplishes through planning events that provide the opportunity to learn, interact and build relationships with one another. In addition to chicken farming, Wendy works off-farm as a social worker in her community. More information about Wendy’s involvement both on and off the farm can be found in the May 2019 article on The Poultry Site – “Women in Poultry: Wendy Lantz”.

Growing CFO’s Women in Leadership Initiative
Headshot of Marc Bourdon

Marc Bourdon

District 9

A passionate broiler and egg farmer in Eastern Ontario, Marc and his family have been raising their flocks with dedication and care for numerous years. In addition to poultry farming, Marc, his daughter Melissa and son in law Andrew also operate a family-run grain crop farm, grain elevator and feed mill called Bourdon Feed & Grain Inc.

In keeping their farming operations running smoothly, Marc leads and advocates on behalf of the Ontario eastern-region chicken farmer-members as District 9 DCR.

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