District Committee Representatives

One of the Board’s most important stakeholder relationships is with its District Committee Representatives (DCRs). The farmer-elected DCRs are elected under the Ontario Chicken Plan and have the primary function of acting in a consultative capacity with the Board of Directors and with the farmer-members within their Districts. DCRs help engage farmers in their Districts to ensure they are aware of the latest CFO information and services.

District 1

  • A headshot of Brian Atkinson

    Brian Atkinson

  • A headshot of Derek Detzler

    Derek Detzler

  • A headshot of Bryan Fieldhouse

    Bryan Fieldhouse

  • A headshot of Krista Lansink

    Krista Lansink

District 2

  • A headshot of Jeff Burgsma

    Jeff Burgsma

  • A headshot of Ralph DeWeerd

    Ralph Deweerd

  • A headshot of Mark Den Hollander

    Mark Den Hollander

  • A headshot of Marius Hol

    Marius Hol

  • A headshot of Jon Don Poelman

    Don Poelman

District 3

  • A headshot of Carolyn Cornelissen

    Carolyn Cornelissen

  • A headshot of Jason Devet

    Jason Devet

  • Gord Howe

  • A headshot of Ed McKinlay

    Ed McKinlay

District 4

  • A headshot of Henk Lise

    Henk Lise

  • A headshot of Darren Kraay

    Darren Kraay

  • A headshot of Bruce Van der Molen

    Bruce Van der Molen

District 5

  • A headshot of Melissa Devries

    Melissa Devries

  • A headshot of John Kikkert

    John Kikkert

  • A headshot of Peter Koroneos

    Peter Koroneos

District 6

  • A headshot of Paul Arva

    Paul Arva

  • A headshot of Gary Everts

    Gary Everts

  • A headshot of John Opsteen

    John Opsteen

District 7

  • A headshot of Doug Duimering

    Doug Duimering

  • A headshot of Jennifer Huberts

    Jennifer Huberts

  • A headshot of Alfred Rumph

    Alfred Rumph

  • A headshot of Dave Vandenberg

    Dave Vandenberg

  • A headshot of Jeannette Poole

    Jeannette Poole

District 8

  • A headshot of Henry Koskamp

    Henry Koskamp

  • A headshot of Steve DeVries

    Steve DeVries

  • A headshot of Wendy Lantz

    Wendy Lantz

  • A headshot of Greg Leis

    Greg Leis

  • A headshot of Ken Levy

    Ken Levy

District 9

  • A headshot of Chris Klompmaker

    Chris Klompmaker

  • A headshot of Marc Bourdon

    Marc Bourdon

  • A headshot of Hubert Schillings

    Hubert Schillings

Chicken Farmers of Ontario Sign

Meet the New DCRs in 2020

Meet the newest District Committee Representatives, elected in 2020, and learn about their many contributions to the industry.

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Women in Leadership Initiative

The CFO Women in Leadership initiative was first implemented in 2016 to encourage the business, professional and personal growth of female farmer-members, and amplify women’s voices within CFO and the industry.