the year 2021



To lead positive change and build value as Canada’s premier provider of trusted, family‑farmed, safe, high quality chicken.


A growing, profitable and sustainable chicken industry.

our role

We know that success requires providing CFO leadership in multiple roles.

Through leadership and an unwavering commitment to shared success, we remain relevant to our stakeholders and we strive to build trust every day.

Supply management
leader & steward

Ontario Chicken Industry at‑a‑glance

a message from Ed Benjamins Chair, Chicken Farmers of Ontario

To CFO Farmers and Stakeholders:
Thank You

a message from Denise Hockaday Chief Executive Officer, Chicken Farmers of Ontario

Board of Directors

Supporting farmers to produce safe, high quality, Ontario-grown chicken

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Ontario by the Numbers

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CFO Registered Premises & Basic Quota Units