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Board of Directors

Governance Committees

A chicken farmer inspecting equipment
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Audit and Information Technology Committee (AITC)

Assist the Board with strategies, policy, and regulation development, and oversight role

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CFC and External Relations Committee (CERC)

Build positive, productive relationships with CFO partners and industry value chain stakeholders

Two chicken farmers working together
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Chicken Industry Advisory Committee (CIAC)

Assists the Board to advance and support collaboration within the Ontario value chain

Denise Hockaday and Murray Opsteen standing together in front of a CFO board
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Governance and Leadership Committee (G&L)

Assist the Board with its human resource and leadership governance strategies, policies and regulation development

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Policy Committee

Systematic review of the Board's Regulations and Policies to deliver on the Board's on-going commitment to good governance.

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Production Committee

Assist the Board with its strategies, policy and regulation development and oversight role

District Committee Representatives

One of the Board’s most important stakeholder relationships is with its District Committee Representatives (DCRs). The farmer-elected DCRs are elected under the Ontario Chicken Plan and have the primary function of acting in a consultative capacity between the Board of Directors and farmers within their Districts. DCRs help engage farmers in their Districts to ensure they are aware of the latest CFO information and services.

District 1 DCRs

District 2 DCRs

District 3 DCRs

District 4 DCRs

District 5 DCRs

District 6 DCRs

District 7 DCRs

District 8 DCRs

District 9 DCRs

Meet the new DCRs for 2022

Meet the newest District Committee Representatives, elected in 2022, and learn about their many contributions to the industry:

Ryan Game

Ryan Game

District 6: Ryan has been involved in the chicken business for 10 years

Tony Piller

Tony Piller

District 7: Tony’s family has been in the chicken business since 1983

Jeremy Prizen

Jeremy Prinzen

District 8: Jeremy has been involved in the chicken business for 25 years