Overhead view of a farming facility with solar panels

2022 Spotlight

A map of ontario with an overlaid bar graph showing Avian Influenza cases
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Avian Influenza

The prevalence of Avian Influenza (AI) in 2022 posed a significant threat to flocks and the broader poultry supply-chain

Murray Opsteen & Andrea Veldhuizen posing together at an outdoor event
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CFO & CFC Raised by a Canadian Farmer

In 2022, CFO continued to support the growth and expansion of the CFC Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand

A family walking side-by-side in front of their property
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DCR Community Engagement Events

Chicken farmers are committed to supporting the communities in which they live and work


Farm & Food Care Ontario - Year in Review

2022 was a monumental year for FFCO and our partners as the organization celebrated the 10th anniversary of FFCO’s founding

Queen's Park Toronto
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Government Relations

CFO Board Directors, District Committee Representatives (DCRs), and staff continue to represent the interests of CFO farmers

A man using a laptop with the new CFO website on the screen
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Meet the New ontariochicken.ca

Ontariochicken.ca is CFO’s primary channel of communication for CFO farmers and stakeholders

A red barn surrounding by fall coloured trees
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Modular Loading

The Ontario chicken industry is constantly innovating and adopting new best practices and enhanced industry standards

A screenshot of the auditing app dashboard
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New Auditing APP

In 2015, CFO launched CFO Connects, a best-in-class digital platform which has transformed the way the chicken industry does business

A CFO branded SUV parked in front of a farm
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Our Pricing Journey

Enhancing the Cost of Production Formula (COPF) to achieve a Farm-Gate Minimum Live Price (FGMLP) that accurately reflects farmers costs

People connected people by lines.

Stakeholder Relationships

Strategic Relationships, Industry Collaboration, and Primary Customers